Hey there my friend, I have an inkling you're here because you want to...

  • Get healthier, happier, clearer, plumper, YOUNGER, glowier skin
  • Be looking and feeling LIKE AWESOMESAUCE makeupless
  • Guarantee you're ageing well and on your own terms
  • Prevent and reverse whole-body ageing
  • Get THE glow that has strangers asking – oh my goodness, what’s your secret?

Well, you're in exactly the right place - with my scientific help you're about to start ageing like Benjamin Button. You really are!

While our results won't be as dramatic as Benjamin Button's before and after - they're scientifically huge.

Because ground-breaking, just published science proves, you can reverse your skin age PLUS your entire body age.

As a scientist & award winning skincare formulator specialised in anti-ageing I can tell you this is unprecedented.

The new science shows in 8 quick weeks you can wipe over 3 whole years from your biological age with ONLY natural changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Imagine what's going to happen when you adopt some of these principles for life.

Psst - yes you're here because you want to get younger, healthier, happier skin but as a happy side effect, after our 8 weeks together you’re also highly likely to be;

  • Waving goodbye to daily energy crashes 
  • Feeling noticeably more energised
  • Be having better more restful sleep… and feeling calmer because of it
  • Saying so-long brain fog and having a clearer mind and better memory!

PLUS, PLUS, What you learn is also highly likely to help you prevent and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease and Dementia - I do not say this lightly - I say this because science is proving it and I think it's exceptionally important for you to know about.

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There is no doubt my skin looks better on this diet

I feel more energetic - it was gradual but I definitely notice a huge difference at the end of the day.

There is no doubt my skin looks better on this diet. My skin just looks more moisturized and brighter in general.

Also, I have lost 6 pounds without limiting how much food I eat. This is an amazing class and more than worth the money in saved illnesses down the road.”

- Cindy Sharp, Alabama, USA

I have more energy, no longer suffer from bloating and inflammation and my skin feels happy and healthy!

The Younger You course by Cheryl has been a total game changer! Far from being restrictive, the understanding of foods and the impact they have on overall health and reversing ageing has given me a freedom and passion for food that I previously would not have thought possible.

Lots of small manageable changes, underpinned by Cheryl’s amazing scientist brain and her knowledge delivered in an understandable and fun way, has helped me create a lifestyle that feels natural and second nature. I have more energy, no longer suffer from bloating and inflammation and my skin feels happy and healthy! Thank you Cheryl for helping me get my inner and outer glow back 😊😊😊

- Joanna Wakelin, UK

The quick details

  • As soon as you enrol on my Younger You video course you get instant access to module #1 - orientation & prep week
  • You get one new anti-ageing module released each week - these are pre-recorded video lessons from a live version of Younger You
  • Younger You does NOT require a huge time commitment – just 2 hours per week (1 hour for your weekly video lesson + 1 hour for your planning)
  • You get access to each lesson for life so you watch them over and over again in your own time
  • You're also getting a general recipe plan of the foods you need to include + recipe examples (also for vegan & veggie options)

And psst - we're keeping it super simple and streamlined, so don't worry, I won't be turning your world upside down and suggesting you eat all sorts of weird food (although if that's your thing, I'm here for it 🙂)

A sneak peek at the anti-ageing science

Heard the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way of eating? Or that if you avoid sugar and eat natural foods you'll age well?

The science I'm about to guide you through goes SO much further than these generalised ways of eating.

There's a VERY specific pathway in your body that can promote ageing or slow ageing. It gets turned on and off by your diet and lifestyle.

Most people have never heard about it.

Most people have no clue how to control it.

When this pathway's staved - you age faster 😨

But when your pathways nourished with nutrients it needs to thrive 😊 you can be younger than you actually are (!)

Psst: there are just four studies in the entire WORLD that prove age reversal in humans (most use a cocktail of medications, this one does not).

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING your Younger You course!

The Younger You course is such an exciting opportunity to implement immediate and long lasting changes for better health both inside and out! Cheryl provides excellent explanations of the latest nutritional science in order to help you make dietary choices that will change your life.

I loved learning the research behind how our bodies process the foods we eat and how these choices can mitigate future disease while also increasing energy, cognitive clarity, reducing current symptoms of inflammation and supporting healthy and glowing skin! After completing the course it feels amazing to know I have turned back my biological age by 3.5 years!

I certainly feel it through the major improvement in my level of fatigue and the appearance of my skin. I will be recommending this course to everyone who would like confidence in making evidence based choices that will benefit overall health while fighting the outward signs of aging. Who doesn't love that!? 

- Kelli Brooks, USA

Here's What Our 8 Weeks Together Looks Like

Each week you're getting a new video lesson on these exciting ways of age reversal.

Orientation & Prep Week

I'm revealing how to take over 3 years off your bio-age in just 8 weeks.

You're also getting these course materials;

  • Diet outline + recipe suggestions (with vegan & veggie options)
  • Best anti-ageing snacks cheatsheet for your fridge, desk or phone
  • Bio age assessment questionnaire
Week 1 - How to Prevent Fine Lines & Wrinkles With Diet

Find out the life & death reason why you should care about skin ageing.

Learn why & how ‘HEALTHY’ diets can age your skin at super speed - plus what to do instead.

Discover 'how to have your cake and eat it', I'm sharing 3 Incredibly important ways to transform ageing meals, into age protecting meals.

Week 2 - Is it Good or Bad to Take Anti-Ageing Supplements?

I guide you through supplements to avoid (because they're linked to ageing & cancer) plus I expose an underknown supplement to help age protect yourself for life.

Week 3 - Is Meat Healthy? Can Meat Eating Cause Accelerated Skin Ageing?

Confused about meat? I promise you complete clarity after this lesson.

Week 4 - Can Diet Prevent Dementia?

Recent lab studies have revealed 6 natural diet changes to help prevent dementia and brain fog. Plus even reduce genetic vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease. It shocks me to my core how few people know this.

Week 5 - You've Got This Week!

It's 'half-term' from our video lessons. A chance for you to rest, reset & continue nourishing your body with the Younger You principles.

Week 6 - Best Drinks to Reverse Your Bio-Age With

I expose yummy drinks that can;

  1. Help prevent up to 25% of UV skin ageing (this is major)
  2. Significantly boost skin elasticity and density
  3. Reduce your risk of sugar wrinkles by over 30%

Finally I reveal the shocking truth about alcohol - it's not what you think!

Week 7 - Natural Foods That Cause Accelerated Skin Ageing

You're going to discover;

  • Which healthy foods slow down Younger You pathways in your body
  • Which trendy natural sweetener can give you wrinkles
  • The 'breakfast food' almost everyone eats that can decrease your life span (and is majorly linked with breast cancer)
Week 8 - Yes, yes, yes! You've Done It + What to Do Now

We calculate your real life age reversal.

You learn how next year you could be over 13 whole years younger.

You discover the shocking truth about calorie counting, plus the 3 most important & powerful Younger You rules for life.

I really, really enjoyed Younger You

Press play to hear Corrin's video review of Younger You.

This science can have you walking away from our 8 weeks together;

  • Feeling younger, healthier, happier
  • Thinking wow, my skin looks better
  • Having a whole body glow 😀 and way more energy
  • Feeling in control of your body and skin health
  • Having confidence you're going to look great at any age

And with a new sustainable approach to eating that feels great, works well and protects you against ageing and disease.

I also promise this is going to be;

  • Easy to fit into your daily life and stick with
  • That our video lessons together will be clear, concise and FUN! 
  • You will not feel overwhelmed

The Extra Details;

  • My Younger You video course is instant access - as soon as you enrol you can get started on the exciting anti-ageing science in module #1
  • I'm keeping this streamlined and simple. You need about 2 hours a week - 1 hour for your new weekly video lesson and 1 hour for prep and planning
  • If you've got about 20-40 mins to cook a night/a few nights a week - you can do Younger You

"I can see effects immediately with energy, skin too, it’s just been fantastic"

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What my Younger You Students Are Experiencing

Imagine, this could be you in just 4 to 8 weeks!

I even have my husband, unknowingly, eating the Younger You Diet! 

The Younger You course piqued my interest for personal and professional reasons, as I always love learning new healthy titbits, both for myself and to share with patients (as a paediatric dentist)

The way Cheryl presents this information is very approachable for anyone, you don't need a scientific background to understand the research that she shares. 

As a female in my mid-40s, there was great insight into hormones and the role they play, and how to counteract and "age gracefully". 

It increased my awareness for how diet can truly change and improve our quality of life. I've always eaten healthy and as an ex-collegiate athlete, I believe firmly in physical activity, but this is additive and easily adaptable into any lifestyle. 

I share things all the time with friends and neighbours that I learned from Cheryl. And I even have my husband, unknowingly, eating the Younger You Diet! 

If you're even mildly curious, I would highly recommend this course! Great for newbies into the health and wellness world but also for those hardened health nuts like myself.

- Amanda Sengel, Georgia, USA


I find meal plans tricky to follow as they turn my life upside down/I do Gusto/Hello Fresh - can I adapt the Younger You principles into my current routine?

Absolutely! This is why as soon as you enrol you get my cheatsheet list of recipe ideas - and not a meal plan. You don’t have to follow particular meals, you can adapt how you already eat to the proven Younger You science.

Am I old enough to take Younger You?

You can't be too young to take Younger You. As a wise philosopher once said - prevention is better than a cure. The younger you start, the more youthful you'll be for life.

I have another question, how do I get in touch?

Pop me an email at [email protected] - I can't wait to answer your question.

When I got the invitation to enroll in Younger You I was a bit sceptical whether it would be something for me. However, I was taught better. After 2-3 weeks I remarked already that my body reacts well to the various recommendations from Cheryl.

At the end of the 8 weeks, my sleep was deeper and longer, my skin well hydrated, my digestion never works better, my wrinkles became softer, my energy is better and on top as a bonus I lose 10 lbs. In the weekly calls, Cheryl has given us interesting as well incredible information on nutrition, health and wellness. 

Thank you Cheryl for all the secrets you shared with us.

- Lidia, Luxembourg, age 65

"The Younger You course is amazing"

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Younger You has been great, I am learning so much and am so grateful that we get the chance to see each lesson over and over whenever we need a reminder or just need to look back.

Since taking the course, I think my skin is improved. What pleases me is that my skin looks and feels more lively if that makes sense. I often wake feeling tired but I think the change in diet has helped me get through the day as my energy is so much better during the day than it has been lately. This is a diet for life! One of the biggest lessons you have shown me. I have learned so much.”

- Sue Riley, UK, age 74

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