Hey there my friend, I have an inkling you're here because you want to...

  • Get healthier, happier, clearer, plumper, YOUNGER, glowier skin
  • Be feeling awesome makeupless
  • Be looking and feeling LIKE AWESOMESAUCE at any age 
  • Prevent and reverse whole-body ageing
  • Get THE glow that has strangers asking – oh my goodness, what’s your secret?

Well you're in exactly the right place 😀 because starting 2nd January 2023 we'll age together like Benjamin Button.

Yes really!

While our results will not be as dramatic as Benjamin Button's before and after - they are scientifically huge.

Because ground-breaking, just published science proves, you can reverse your skin age PLUS your entire body age.

As a scientist & award winning skincare formulator specialised in anti-ageing I can tell you this is unprecedented.

The new science shows in 8 quick weeks you can wipe over 3 whole years from your biological age with ONLY natural changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Imagine what's going to happen when you adopt some of these principles for life.

Psst - yes you're here because you want to get younger, healthier, happier skin but as a happy side effect, after our 8 weeks together you’re also highly likely to be;

  • Waving goodbye to daily energy crashes 
  • Feeling noticeably more energised
  • Be having better more restful sleep… and feeling calmer because of it
  • Saying so-long brain fog and having a clearer mind and better memory!

PLUS, PLUS, What you learn is also highly likely to help you prevent and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease and Dementia - I do not say this lightly - I say this because science is proving it and I think it's exceptionally important for you to know about.

The quick details

  • We start 2nd January – orientation & prep week
  • There are ONLY 25 spaces (with just a few left!)
  • This does NOT require a huge time commitment – just 2 hours per week (1 hour for our weekly session plus live Q&A + 1 hour for your planning) - if you can't make the live sessions there will be replays
  • You'll also get a general recipe plan of the foods you need to include + recipe examples (also for vegan & veggie options)
  • There's a private Facebook group where you can share your progress, get support and cheer each other on - this bit's not mandatory

And psst - we're keeping it super simple and streamlined, so don't worry, I won't be turning your world upside down and suggesting you eat all sorts of weird food (although if that's your thing, I'm here for it 🙂)

A sneak peek at the anti-ageing science

Heard the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way of eating? Or that if you avoid sugar and eat natural foods you'll age well?

My friend - the science I'm about to guide you through goes SO much further than these generalised ways of eating.

There's a VERY specific pathway in your body that can promote ageing or slow ageing. It gets turned on and off because of your diet and lifestyle.

Most people have never heard about it.

Most people have no clue how to control it.

When this pathway's staved - you age faster 😨

But when your pathways nourished with nutrients it needs to thrive 😊 you can be younger than you actually are (!)

Psst: there are only 4 studies in the entire WORLD that prove a reversal in biological age (most use a cocktail of medications, this one does not).

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Here's What Our 8 Weeks Together Looks Like

Orientation & Prep Week

  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A

It's kick-off week! I'm revealing how science proves you can take over 3 years off your bio-age in just 8 weeks.

You're also getting these course materials to help prep for our start.

  • Diet outline + recipe suggestions (with vegan & veggie options)
  • Best anti-ageing snacks cheatsheet for your fridge, desk or phone
  • Access to our private Facebook group here you can ask questions, get support plus share your ideas & journey (joining the Facebook group is not mandatory)
  • Bio age assessment questionnaire

Week 1 - How to Prevent Fine Lines & Wrinkles With Diet
  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A
  • Extra anti-ageing recipe suggestions

Week 2 - Is it Good or Bad to Take Anti-Ageing Supplements?

  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A

We talk supplements to avoid (because they're linked to ageing & increased cancer risk) plus I'm exposing supplements which can help your skin anti-age like Benjamin Button.

  • Healing foods cheat sheet 

Week 3 - Is Meat Healthy? Can Meat Eating Cause Accelerated Skin Ageing?
  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A
Week 4 - Can Diet Prevent Dementia?
  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A

I can't wait to have this live with you. It shocks me to my core how few people know about this. Recent lab studies are revealing a key way to help prevent dementia and memory loss. Plus even reduce genetic vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease.

Week 5 - You've Got This Week!

It's 'half-term' from our live sessions. A chance for you to rest, reset & continue nourishing your body with the Younger You principles.

Week 6 - Best Drinks to Reverse Your Bio-Age With
  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A
  • Best anti-ageing drinks cheatsheet

Week 7 - Natural Foods That Can Accelerate Your Skin Ageing

  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A
  • List of natural foods that can cause skin ageing + hacks for making them healthier
Week 8 - Yes, yes, yes! You've done it + What to do Now
  • 1 hour video LIVE including Q&A
  • Bio age assessment questionnaire

This course is closed for enrollment.

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This science can have you walking away from our 8 weeks together;

  • Feeling younger, healthier, happier
  • Thinking wow, my skin looks better
  • Having a whole body glow 😀 and way more energy
  • Feeling in control of your body and skin health
  • Having confidence you're going to look great at any age

And with a new sustainable approach to eating that feels great, works well and protects you against ageing and disease.

I also promise this is going to be;

  • Easy to fit into your daily life and stick with
  • That our 1-2-1 sessions will be clear, concise and FUN! 
  • You will not feel overwhelmed

The Extra Details;

  • We have 8 live sessions including Q&As
  • I'm keeping this streamlined and simple. You'll need about 2 hours a week - 1 hour for our live session and 1 hour for prep and planning
  • If you've got about 20-40 mins to cook a night/a few nights a week - you can do younger you


What time will the live video calls be?

Once everyone's enrolled I'll share a quick questionnaire for you to tell me the best call times for you. We'll change this every few weeks to make it fair for everyone to attend a live. All calls will be recorded so you can catch up on the replay. You can also submit a question before the call.

I find meal plans tricky to follow as they turn my life upside down/I do Gusto/Hello Fresh - can I adapt the Younger You principles into my current routine?

Absolutely! This is why each week I’m sharing recipe ideas rather than a meal plan – you don’t have to follow particular meals, you can adapt how you already eat to this proven anti-ageing science.

If I don't have Facebook, will I miss a lot?

Not at all. I cover the 'flesh' in our weekly video lives. The Facebook group is a fun way for us to support each other.

I have another question that's not listed here, how do I get in touch?

Pop me an email at [email protected] - I can't wait to answer your question.

This course is closed for enrollment.

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This course is closed for enrollment.

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